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SA 12 Shotguns

Fucile pompa PA12 Bernardelli


 The Bernardelli gas operated autoloader in cal.12 with 76 mm chambers has been used as the starting point to design and develop the SA12 semiautomatic shotguns for law enforcement and dynamic shooting.
Just like the hunting autoloader it originates from, this gun can shoot all loads from 28 to 56 g. with the same stability, soft recoil and limited uplift.
The law enforcement model differs from the hunting model for the following new features:

  • - Different types of Stocks
  • - Law enforcement dedicated barrels with appropriate barrel lengths
  • - Magazines in different lengths with the extension options to change the number of available rounds
  • - Ready to fit sighting devices.

The Magnum-chambered barrels (3”) come with three different lengths - 61cm(24”), 51cm(20”) and 46cm(18”). The magazine capacity depends on the barrel length and can be changed by applying three different-length extensions. The chart below lists the number of rounds available for each barrel length and extension length always assuming the use of Magnum loads.


  Number of rounds in the magazine with Magnum loads
With extension
    110 mm 160 mm 280 mm
61 cm 4 6 7 9
51 cm 4 6 7 9
46 cm 4 6 not recommended not recommended

160 and 280 mm long extensions require the replacement of the magazine spring with a longer one provided by the factory along with sling swivels.  

Specialized stocks and forends are formed of techno-polymers that are lighter than other materials but very robust, elastic and impervious to weather. 
Stocks come in the standard and adjustable versions.
Forends are just of one type.
Model names depend on the type of stock and can be:

  • SA 12 STD

The main image in each model technical data sheet features that model in its basic configuration.
In the nearby pictures gallery you can see:

As most features are interchangeable, by combining the different types of frames, barrels, stocks and forends available, one can create multiple versions some of which can be seen here. (Picture 8, 9, 10 and 11)




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