Bernardelli products catalogue

Bernardelli is on the market with a wide range of high quality products which can meet the requests of the most demanding customers.

Fucili semiautomatici Bernardelli
The Bernardelli semi-automatic shotguns are 12 gauge magnum gas operated self loaders with popular characteristics of other similar designed semi-automatic shotguns and can fire ammunitions from 24 to 56 grams.
The longevity and reliability of these guns come through simplicity...
Doppiette Bernardelli
The Bernardelli name has always been associated to the “Side by Side”. The devotion our company pays to side by sides production is famous worldwide.
Our classy and unique shotguns cannot be susbstituted by latest simple versions that do no respect tradition as well...
Fucile a pompa Bernardelli
This brand new Pump Action shotgun is completely different from our previous model.
At present, it derives from our semi-automatic shotgun, maintaining the same constructive patterns, except the gas-operated mechanism, which is manual ...